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Welcome everyone!

We are currently running our servers in Paris, France. Currently now we are running the following games:
Garry’s Mod DarkRP
Garry’s Mod TTT
Ark: Survival Evolved

Soon our Minecraft server will be up, and this will be set to a bukkit faction server. We have our own spawn area that is created by the staff by hand. And we have different mods on our server like: MCMMO, Faction, Healthbar, Shopkeepers, Bossshop, and much more.

Currently now we are running one dedicated server with all servers on, and our plans will allways change.
If we recieve enough fundings, we can start investing in a dedicated server in the states to improve our gaming sensation for


We want to thank everyone on our forums and on the server, for making this possible and to bring the core of players together.

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