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Welcome to my page, I wish to first thank you all for taking part of my community; CoreGamers. And I wish you all an awesome experience with our servers.

My main goal with this community is to bring the core of gamers together, and to grow as one big community.
We are all gamers and we have the same interesse, so why not gather the core together.

About me!

I am a streamer of varieties, my main proffered games are FPS games like CS:GO, Overwatch and Battalion1944.
I like to believe that I am a good at games, even though I know I am bad in certain areas. But gaming is for fun, and will always be like that.

My streaming community is a friendly community, where you can just jump in and chat with everyone. Invite people to games and bring in friends for a bigger pool of players.
I have a 18+ stream due to the reason of swearing and my natural audience of being 18+.

My community The General Army and my Stream will be connected on the upcoming web page that will be in the future, where you will find my partners like Runawayservers, you will find server information for my personal servers like Ark Survival Evolved, CS:GO and 7DaystoDie as well as the Runaway servers. My stream will be added in to my page, as well as a link to my merch.

General Ayatomi
The General of the General Army

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