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Our goals for this community is to grow, to gather the core of players.

Wether young or old, man or woman, the difference is only on the outside. It is the core we want to bring forward.

The main staff team is a passionate team for gaming, we all have the different games, we have different views and taste.
And that is what brings us closer, where we can discuss for hours upon hours, why some games are better. But at the end. We all agree that the games is different and unique in its own ways.

And this is what we want to bring forward, a community that can discuss why GMod is better than Minecraft and vice versa in a friendly manner. We want to bring gamers all over the world together, we want to expand our games so everyone can join us in any of the games that is out there.

So far we are starting off with GMod DarkRP and TTT, Ark: Survival Evolved, Rust, 7DaysToDie & Minecraft.
Sadly the minecraft is not complete due to somethings we need to get sorted. But we hope it is up and running as soon as just possible. More on this later.

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