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Why did you decide to make a gaming community?

We decided to make the community to gather as many people one area, and to make a friendly community.

Why did you select the name CoreGamers?

We decided that CoreGamers where the most fitting name for the community, as we are here to bring people with the interesse of gaming together. And our goal is to bring the “Core” of gamers together, it was the most fitting name.

Why do you have 2 founders?

As this is a community made by GeneralAyatomi and CaptainBaconz, we decided that the main factor was that we would run this as one. We both have experience of gaming. We are what you would call best buddies, and we help each other out. Therefore two founders.

What do you do as a founder?

Our main objective is to make sure all our members is having a great time, we do also alot of behind the scenes with our managers and developers. Even we do developing for games. We are in charge of our webpage, and make sure everything is up to its standard, with help from Horton on that part.

What is the difference between the ranks?

So quick explanation:

Founders – Leaders of the community, got the final word in cases.

Manager – Leader of set game, main person who will be incharge of the game and first point of contact within the game.

Head Administrator – Under the Manager you got the Head Admin, he is in charge of admins when the Manager does not have the time or able to help them there and then.

Admins and Mods – Game server admin/mods work on making sure you all are having a good time, and that everyone is following the rules.

Where are your servers located?

Our servers are currently located in Paris, France. But if our funds raise up and we are able to expand. We might set up servers around the world. But that is a project in itself in the future. At the moment, we want to make sure our servers are at top state and you get the full on gamer experience.

Are you going to forget to update this FAQ later?

100% yes, so might need some reminders to update this one. If it is not updated. We can blame CaptainBaconz.